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White mini bowl

White mini bowl

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Introducing our white mini bowl – a fusion of artistry and functionality that brings a touch of uniqueness to your dining experience. Each bowl measures 10 x 6 x 2 inches, perfectly sized for a variety of culinary delights. Handmade with care, these bowls celebrate individuality, as no two are exactly alike, making every piece a work of functional art.

Artisan Craftsmanship:

Our Handcrafted Harmony Bowls are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, resulting in a collection of bowls that bear the marks of true craftsmanship. The 10 x 6 x 2-inch dimensions provide versatility for serving salads, snacks, or even as decorative pieces.

Imperfect Perfection:

Embrace the beauty of imperfection. These bowls are intentionally crafted to be similar yet distinct, ensuring each one carries its own unique character. Due to the handmade nature of these bowls, some may exhibit minor scratches or blemishes. This individuality is what sets them apart, adding charm and authenticity to your dining experience.

Quality Assurance:

At our workshop, we take pride in our commitment to quality. While some bowls may have minor imperfections due to the handmade process, we always strive to send you the best possible pieces. Our team carefully inspects each bowl, selecting those with fewer defects to ensure your satisfaction.

Versatile Elegance:

Whether you're serving a family meal or entertaining guests, our Handcrafted Harmony Bowls bring an element of artisanal elegance to your table. The unique variations in each bowl contribute to a captivating dining aesthetic that goes beyond the ordinary.


  • Length: 10 inches
  • Width: 6 inches
  • Height: 2 inches

Cherish the Handmade Difference:

Discover the joy of owning one-of-a-kind pieces with our Handcrafted Harmony Bowls. Cherish the subtle variations and celebrate the human touch in every bowl. Elevate your dining experience with these unique, handcrafted treasures that bring warmth and character to your table.

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