Kim's Mixed Media Art Birthday Party!

Kathy's Mixed Media Upcycling Projects

So glad to hear you're coming to Kim's Birthday Party at Joan's!  Joan's idea was to have everyone create a mixed media piece of art so bring along an item ready to be transformed using paints, clay molds, decoupage, inks, stamping, rub on transfers and all sorts of embellishments.  Please feel free to bring along a box of some of your favorite papers, embellishments and supplies as well.  Creativity is contagious so get ready for some wild ideas and amazing works of arts coming to life!

I simply upcycle something I have had kicking around for years (vase, wooden box, or simply redo something that never really felt completed) or I pick up at a thrift shop while having a creative vision poking around. 

The possibilities are endless so be brave, let go and create!


Here's a photo of a few thrift shop transformations I recently created using mixed media materials.


Interested in something simple?  I will have wooden door hangers for anyone interested.  Here are a few examples of mine.



Below are a few projects I created recently using supplies I have a small inventory for sale if you are interested.   I will be supplying a collection of materials of course for no cost but there are certain items I do have for purchase and I will highlight here to give you an idea.

A Square Wooden Tray decorated with Prima Rub On Transfers (small, medium and large trays available):

Here's a Dough Bowl I decorated with paint, clay molds, and Prima Rub On Transfers.  I have a few different sizes and colors of these dough bowls for purchase if you are interested:









A Wedding Gift Dough Bowl decorated with paint, clay molds, and Prima Rub On Transfers:

I will bring a wide arrange of decorative rub-on's transfers and tissue papers for collaging.  Please feel free to bring any collage papers, words, quotes, images, documents (copies of family birth certificates, letters etc. are always a lovely way to personalize and create a sentimental art piece for you or as a gift.