DIY Home

For creative souls, your home is your canvas — a personalized sanctuary where you dine, dream, create memories, and retreat from the outside world. Embrace audacity and embark on an exploration of materials, colors, objects, designs, and furnishings that resonate with your essence. Hire yourself as the designer of your life. Follow your intuition on this amazing creative journey!

Your home should rise up to meet you every time your return. A soft and beautiful place to land which inspires you always find and embrace your authentic self and share this new found glory with your friends and family. I'm here to share my journey, my ideas, my research, and enjoy the process along with you!

Create a home that is comes from the masterpiece of your spirit!

Purchasing my first home  alone marked a significant milestone in my life, coming on the heels of a 25-year-long marriage that had come to an end. The transition brought forth a plethora of emotions and fears, creating a turbulent landscape within me. Yet, as I reflect upon the past year, my house has emerged as a blank canvas, and my affection for the transformation of my surroundings continues to grow. This creative journey has become a lifeline for my healing process, something I am eternally grateful for. It's as if my inherent curiosity had patiently waited for its moment to shine, and now, I'm eager to share the story of how it all unfolded with fellow creatives.

Creativity has not only revitalized my living space but also rejuvenated my spirit. It's a process I hold dear, and I'm excited to provide insights into its evolution. Onward, fellow creatives!

It's fitting that my favorite quote is, "Bring forth what is within you; it will save you. If you don't, it will destroy you." It encapsulates the profound impact that creativity has had on my life, rescuing me from despair and imbuing it with newfound vitality.