Collection: Mechanicals for Mixed Media

Welcome to our collection of mechanicals for your mixed media, projects!

Here you'll find a captivating collection of metal elements and embellishments inspired by the allure of flea market finds and vintage treasures. Assembling these unique pieces is a breeze – simply join them with brads or glue for a seamless process. Perfect for mixing and matching, mechanicals empower you to build and create with a distinctive, personal flair, ensuring each project exudes individuality.

Let your creativity run wild in your mixed-media arts and home decor projects!  Our collection of mechanicals offer boundless opportunities to infuse your creations with a perfect blend of nostalgia and modern design. Elevate your artistic endeavors with this collection, where every piece tells a story, and your creations become timeless masterpieces.

Art, Photography, Knitting, DIY Home

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